Welcome to Fit Physique

Please have a look around, and if there is anything you have questions about, drop us a line or email.  

We are completely genuine in our approach to wellness and work on the basis that whatever advice we give you, we would also take ourselves. Everyone is unique and for that reason we are 100% committed to guide you in a tailored way to achieve your specific goals.

We welcome all fitness levels, from beginners  to intermediate and advanced. Our dedicated and highly experienced trainers will help you to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals while having more fun than you thought possible.


  • It seems almost contradicting to charge fees for use of a gym, so as a client you will receive unlimited complimentary access to the gym facility during all trading hours.
  • All of our clients are also part of our facility community where we encourage meeting people and joining in our social days.  You are sure to find a buddy with similar goals through our private community forum to keep you accountable on the days that you don't have your trainers eyes peering down on you.
  • Your trainer can program sessions at the gym for you to complete yourself, outside of your booked personal training sessions.  These programs should be changed approximately every 8-12 weeks to ensure your continued progress.

If you are not quite sure about this training thing yet, come and meet us.  We can have a chat about your goals, and you can see what we are about.  There is no commitment required, it won't cost you anything but time, and is completely obligation free!  


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Fit Physique Trainers are completely focused on you reaching your goals.    



The fastest way to reach specific goals is to work with a coach who can guide you each step of the way.  

You won't only train, but you will also be educated on ways that can help you address any hurdles you may encounter.  

This is as it says, personal, and our coaches are driven only by your success!

Training is important but so are solutions to the reasons why you haven't previously reached your goals.  We really make it our purpose to help you find the best way for YOU to enjoy the journey.  

Time restraints, stress and budgets are just some of the hurdles we can help you find alternate solutions to.  Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.



Small group sessions of 3+ participants can be one of the best ways to learn to love exercise and health.  

Gathering a few friends with similar goals to you can ensure you feel accountable to show up, can allow a weekly catch up that you didn't think you had time for, or simply just something different.  

These sessions work as great team bonding activities that can help workplaces to encourage and support others in a different environment - We promise challenging yet fun, achievable sessions.

                   GROUP FITNESS CLASSES

                   GROUP FITNESS CLASSES

MetCon, Sweat, Mobility WOD and BoxFIIT will get you having so much fun that you'll forget you were working so hard.

These classes are designed to be fast paced and achievable for every fitness level.  We can make exercises harder or more manageable depending on your experience level.  This way, everyone works at their own pace and no one is left behind.

It is really important to us that you feel a part of the community so make it our biggest aim to get to know you, your goals and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.