Personal Training can mean many different things to different people. 

We have clients who come to us needing to make appointments just to hold their commitment to exercise, some come to us with existing or previous injuries, others have not had experience in a gym environment before and some clients are in need of specific programming in the lead up to an event.

Whatever your reason for wanting to work with a Personal Trainer, it is very important to us that we can sit down and set out specific goals to ensure you are continually improving and getting the results you are after.   


Fitness Classes are great for being in a social environment and building relationships with people that can help push you and help you to keep going when you want to give up.  

Our classes are programmed for overall fitness, to help you build strength, power, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy, agility and co-ordination.  Through these domains you can create a very sound physical and mental persona at any and all stages of life. 

Our fitness classes cater for all levels and can be scaled accordingly to allow a 60 year old to be pushed to their limit in a similar workout scaled for a 20 year old.  We have no more than 15 participants per trainer and no one is ever pushed or forced past their physical capabilities.  

If you aren't sure, come and check it out!  


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